Solutions Delivery Platform


The SDP library provides helper steps used by multiple libraries within sdp-libraries.

Steps Provided

Table 1. Steps
Step Description

inside_sdp_images(String image, Closure body)

helper function that wraps docker.image(<image>).inside{} to execute a portion of the pipeline inside the specified container image runtime environment

Table 2. Lifecycle Hooks
Step Hook Purpose



Writes the aggregated pipeline configuration to a file and saves it as a build artifact



If the pipeline job is a Multibranch Project, checkout the source code. In either case, save a stash called "workspace" for other libraries to consume.

Library Configuration Options

Table 3. SDP Library Configuration Options
Field Description Default Value


This sets the registry the sdp library expects to find its Docker images


The first path component in the repository name, e.g. if your images follow the format, this would be *sdp


Credentials used for the repository where different docker pipeline tools are stored


Arguments to use when starting the container. Uses the same flags as docker run

Unlike the Docker Library, the value in "registry" does include the protocol (http/https)

Example Configuration Snippet

      registry = "" (1)
      repository = "boozallen/sdp-images" (2)
      cred = "github" (3)
1 the container registry that holds the SDP container images
2 the container image repository that holds the SDP container images
3 A jenkins credential ID to authenticate to the container registry

External Dependencies

  • A Docker registry must be setup and configured. Credentials to the registry are also needed.

  • A repository for the image being used by the given library is expected to be in the given registry.

  • The repository name for the pipeline tools' images should be in the format "${images.registry}/${images.repository}/tool-name"