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Configuration File Aggregation

When creating Governance Tiers to define your governance hierarchy, you can create configuration files to consolidate common configurations while tuning which aspects can be modified or overwritten by suborganizations in the hierarchy.

JTE provides some common configurations by default. The first configuration file found in the hierarchy will automatically override keys in common between the default configuration and the configuration file being loaded.

After the first configuration file, each subsequent file will only be able to add new root configuration keys and any configuration that overlaps with the existing configuration will be ignored unless the parent configuration has explicitly allowed a configuration block to be modified via the merge and override keys.

Setting merge = true in a configuration block will allow the next configuration file in the hierarchy to append configuration keys to the block.

Setting override = true in a configuration block will allow the next configuration file to replace the existing configuration block.

You can see some examples of these keywords in action here.

Each configuration file in the Governance Tier hierarchy will be combined according to these rules until there is a resultant aggregated pipeline configuration. It is this aggregated pipeline configuration that gets used to populate the selected pipeline template for execution.