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Jenkins Instance

A Jenkins instance will be required for this lab. If you don’t have one available to you, we would recommend going through the Local Development learning lab to deploy a local Jenkins instance through Docker.

JTE: The Basics

This lab continues to build upon our knowledge of the Jenkins Templating Engine so first completing the JTE: The Basics <JTE The Basics> lab would be very helpful.

This lab will assume we’re using the same pipeline configuration repository used during The Basics lab and that it is already configured as a Library Source in the Global Governance Tier.

Remove the Global Governance Tier’s Pipeline Configuration

For the purposes of this lab, we will only be using the Pipeline Job type. In JTE: The Basics, we created a Pipeline Configuration to the Global Governance Tier that applies to every job on the Jenkins instance.

If this is still configured, remove it.

  1. From the Jenkins homepage, Click Manage Jenkins in the lefthand navigation menu

  2. Click Configure System

  3. Scroll down to the Jenkins Templating Engine configuration section

  4. Under Pipeline Configuration dropdown menu, select None

  5. Remove any text in the Configuration Base Directory text box

  6. Click Save

There should still be a global Library Source configured. Leave that there.