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Twistlock is an automated and scalable container cybersecurity platform. Twistlock manages a full-lifecycle vulnerability and compliance management to application-tailored runtime defense and cloud native firewalls, Twistlock helps secure your containers and modern applications against threats across the entire application lifecycle.

SDP can integrate with Twistlock to perform container image scanning

Steps Provided

Table 1. Steps
Step Description


Downloads the Twistlock CLI from the Twistlock Console and performs container image scanning

Library Configurations

Table 2. Twistlock Library Configuration Options
Field Description Default Value


The Twistlock Console url


The Jenkins credential ID to access Twistlock Console

Example Configuration Snippet

    url = ""
    credential = "twistlock"

External Dependencies

  • Twistlock is deployed and accessible from Jenkins

  • A credential has been placed in the Jenkins credential store to access the console

  • A separater container building library that implements get_images_to_build()

Twistlock Scan Results

Jenkins will output a text based table of the scan results. A more descriptive JSON file is archived that contains details of CVE and compliance vulnerabilities found during the scan.

CVE Results:
Low:      [0-9]*  Number of Low vulnerabilities
Medium:   [0-9]*  Number of Medium vulnerabilities
High:     [0-9]*  Number of High vulnerabilities
Critical: [0-9]*  Number of Critical vulnerabilities

Compliance Results:
Low:      [0-9]*  Number of Low compliance violations
Medium:   [0-9]*  Number of Medium compliance violations
High:     [0-9]*  Number of High compliance violations
Critical: [0-9]*  Number of Critical compliance violations