Solutions Delivery Platform

JTE: The Basics

The purpose of this lab is to introduce you to the Jenkins Templating Engine as a framework for building Jenkins pipelines in a way that allows you to share pipeline templates between teams.

By being able to build reusable, tool-agnostic pipeline templates and apply them to multiple applications simultaneously, you can then remove individual Jenkinsfiles from each source code repository.

In JTE, we talk a lot about the concept of governance. When we say governance, we mean that JTE allows you to enforce a common software delivery process by applying the the same pipeline template to multiple repositories at the same time.

The modularity that JTE promotes allows you to do this across teams regardless of the specific tools that each application may be using.

What You’ll Learn

  • Configure your first tool-agnostic pipeline template

  • Create your first set of pipeline libraries to provide tool-specific implementations of steps

  • Create your first pipeline configuration file that implements the template

  • Learn the different types of jobs available in Jenkins and when to use them

  • Learn how to take the Jenkinsfile (pipeline template) out of the repository

  • Learn how to consolidate pipeline configurations and apply the same template across multiple repositories