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Jenkins Templating Engine

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The Jenkins Templating Engine (JTE) is an open source Jenkins Plugin providing a pipeline development framework that enables pipeline templating and governance.

We recommend you watch the recent Jenkins Online Meetup or read Introducing the Jenkins Templating Engine as a starting point to get a feel for what JTE can do for your pipeline development!

How Does It Work?

JTE allows pipeline developers to create common workflows (called pipeline templates) and share them across teams. These workflows define the business logic of your pipeline in a tool-agnostic way by calling generic functions (called steps). These functions are then implemented by one or more reusable modules (called libraries).

Each team is able to tailor the pipeline template through their own pipeline configuration. The pipeline configuration declares which libraries to load prior to executing the pipeline template.

Through this approach, the same pipeline template can be reused for an arbitrary number of teams, each with their own tool integrations, by loading different libraries.