Solutions Delivery Platform

Primitive Namespace

An autowired variable called jte is made available that holds the Primitive Namespace. Through the Primitive Namespace, users can access primitives that have been loaded via their full-names.

This feature should typically not be used, and exists to support use-cases where jte.permissive_initialization has been set to true.

Primitive Namespace Structure

Key Description


invoke a loaded library step from a particular library


access a specific keyword value


invoke a configured stage


access a specific application environment

Library Steps

The most common use case for permissive initialization is where two libraries are loaded that contribute the same step.

For example, there could exist a scenario where a user has created and loaded a maven and docker library that each contribute a build() step.

Without permissive initialization, this would throw an exception. When enabled, users can access each step via the libraries keyword on the jte variable.

build() (1) (2) (3)
1 the shorthand build() will now throw an exception due to the ambiguous nature of which step is being referenced
2 invoke the maven library’s build() step
3 invoke the docker library’s build() step

In almost all scenarios, we recommend that library step names be named more specifically. For example, the maven library could instead contribute a build_artifact() step and the docker library could instead contribute a build_container_image() step.