Solutions Delivery Platform

Solutions Delivery Platform

The Solutions Delivery Platform (SDP) is an accumulation of Booz Allen’s lessons learned implementing DevSecOps practices across multiple client projects and RFP Tech Challenges.

At Booz Allen, DevSecOps is a foundational element of our Modern Software development Approach

modern sd approach

Over the past two years, we’ve developed an open source and reusable pipeline framework that jump starts projects. SDP has allowed the typical time to develop a pipeline from 3 to 4 months down to just a week.

Instead of creating per-application pipelines, SDP allows you to create tool-agnostic, templated workflows that can be used by multiple teams to achieve organizational governance.


Container Orchestration Platform

The container orchestration platform, typically a Kubernetes-based solution, is responsible for hosting the DevOps tools; such as Jenkins or SonarQube.

There is no strict dependency on OpenShift or Kubernetes, though this will enable a more robust platform.

Jenkins Templating Engine

The Jenkins Templating Engine is a custom plugin written by Booz Allen that enables the capabilities of the Solutions Delivery Platform; such as organizational governance through templating and hierarchical configuration files.

This plugin is available in the Jenkins Update Center under the name Templating Engine Plugin.

SDP Pipeline Libraries

The SDP Pipeline Libraries are our reusable tool integrations that contain the actual technical implementations of pipeline actions; such as static code analysis, penetration testing, and deployments.

DevSecOps Dashboard

Your DevSecOps pipeline is able to observe everything about software delivery for your project or organization. Through SDP, you would be able to aggregate these metrics into a DevSecOps dashboard to enable continuous improvement of your processes.