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The A11y Machine

The A11y Machine (or a11ym for short, spelled “alym”) is an automated accessibility testing tool which crawls and tests pages of any Web application to produce detailed reports.

It validates pages against the following specifications/laws:

Steps Contributed

Table 1. Steps
Step Description


crawls the provided URL and performs accessibility compliance scanning

Library Configuration Options

Table 2. Configuration Options
Field Description Default Value


The url a11y will crawl and scan

A target URL can be given. However env.FRONTEND_URL supersedes all configurations. If no env.FRONTEND_URL is found then the provided target URL is used. If no URL is provided an error is thrown.

    url = ""


The results of the scan are captured in an HTML report that gets archived by jenkins.

Report Index

HTML Report Landing Page

Report of a specific URL

HTML Report Drill Down