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Validate Jenkins

That’s it! You’ve now deployed and configured a local Jenkins instance.

We’re going to run through a couple quick steps to ensure that the deployed Jenkins can launch containers as part of the pipeline.

Create a Pipeline Job

  1. From the Jenkins home page, select New Item in the lefthand navigation menu.

  2. Enter a name for the job. "validate" will do.

  3. Select the Pipeline job type.

  4. Click ok at the bottom of the screen.

Configure a Pipeline

  1. Scroll down to the Pipeline configuration section

  2. The Definition drop down should already be set to Jenkins Templating Engine

This confirms that JTE has been installed successfully

  1. Check the box "Provide a pipeline template (Jenkinsfile)"

  2. In the Pipeline Template text box, enter:

    sh "mvn -v"

The pipeline configured pulls the latest maven image from Docker Hub and executes the command mvn -v within that container image.

This will validate that the local Jenkins can pull container images, run them, and then execute pipeline commands inside the launched container.

job configuration
  1. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

  2. This will redirect you back to the job’s main page. Click Build Now in the lefthand navigation menu.

  3. Under Build History select #1 to navigate to the build page

  4. In the lefthand navigation menu, select Console Output to read the build logs

  5. Confirm that the pipeline successfully pulled the maven container image

  6. Confirm that the command mvn -v executed successfully and shows the maven version

  7. Validate that the build finished successfully.

If all went well, the console output should show something like:

console output