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Dynamic Simulation models that serve as investigative tools allowing decision makers to explore trade-off scenarios and measure the effectiveness of potential decision strategies – without ever leaving the meeting room.

Improved Decision Support

Feature development based on Simulation R&D, wide-ranging experience applying simulation analytics to inform decision strategies, and client-facing consultants with zeal for improving the impact of analytics on decision making.

100% Free!

Download and use the full featured Argo simulation tool absolutely free. This free version is the first step in releasing Argo as an Open Source platform for spreadsheet based risk analysis and decision support.

Blazing Fast

Gone are the days of month-long decision loops with endless slide-deck briefings; Argo simulation models function as interactive decision aids that facilitate on the spot discovery

Models update as values in the spreadsheet are changed allowing simulation to be interactive decision aid

Bring Argo models into the meeting room to drive discussion and run real-time what-if scenario drills

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Packed With Features

35 probability distribution spreadsheet functions and rank correlation for modeling inputs and their interdependencies

50+ statistical functions that analyze simulation outputs from the spreadsheet

Graphical interfaces for defining model inputs, analyzing probabilistic outputs and performing sensitivity analysis

Easy to Use

Argo's features are seamlessly integrated with Excel. Incorporate simulation into existing spreadsheets or build new advanced analyses in familiar spreadsheet environment. Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 32-bit versions.

Define inputs and perform analysis from the spreadsheet using Argo's spreadsheet functions

Intuitive user interfaces for selecting model inputs and exploring simulation results

100% compatible with Excel's built in charting and analysis features including Solver

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Get Argo Now!

Get Argo and start building dynamic simulation models today!

Read a step-by-step guide to enable the Argo add-in:

Read the Argo Installation Guide


Argo documentation and example models are available on the Argo Github Wiki

Post questions to the Argo User Group monitored by the development team and expert users